Mission Statement

The Multi-Vendor Platform

Bellingham Handmade is building a low commission based multi-vendor platform that will operate online and is similar to Etsy. The terms and conditions will require small businesses to operate locally and create a sustainable model in terms of sourcing and processing.


It will have ease of access to teach business skills in a way that is similar to learning any of your social media applications. The vendor dashboard gives an incredible amount of information related to consumer traffic and financial analytics. It offers professional vendors incentive to join because the anticipated cross promotional traffic has huge potential. It is also a low barrier access platform for makers with little to no business skills. Vendors will not be vetted for quality standards, the hope is that product development can naturally occur by the knowledge that the experience of retail will bring.


In addition to what was readily available at our markets, this creative marketplace allows for the sale of digital downloads and subscriptions. Vendors are free to create content and the options are endless. Curated Vintage is also now allowed. Digital product designs produced ethically are highly encouraged as well. 


For consumers, it is a direct platform to source goods and digital downloads from an unlimited number of local makers with a single check out. You will be able to follow your favorite brands and have direct messaging.

The creative talent that exists in our community far surpasses the retail options for makers and doers. In order to entertain the thought of joining local organizations that support the sale of handmade goods, one must have money. In addition to money, branding, business sense and professionalism are also generally required. This structure eliminates so many creatives from entering a market place that truly desires to support them and see them grow and flourish. We are here to break down that barrier.

Bellingham Handmade is unique in that it vets it’s vendors for a high standard of ethical sourcing and sustainable production. This allows consumers to be confident buying from our vendors, knowing they are using their dollar wisely. We aim to take care of our earth by helping us all lessen our carbon footprint and identifying our production lines to avoid the use of slave labor. 

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