NIki Marie Pottery


Hey! I’m Niki. I have been making pottery thrown on the wheel since 2016.

I started with a few classes here and there, then bought my own wheel and have not looked back. I mostly make “functional” pottery : bowls, mugs, plates... I love using red clay, incorporating shapes and patterns in my designs, and mixing my own glazes.

I currently use a cone 6 stoneware fired in an electric kiln. There are future plans to work with varying clay bodies as firing options expand in the local area. 

My forms are simple and pure, uncomplicated, yet elegant because that is the energy that I want you to take back to your home. Duality, balance, growth and change inspire the decoration. These pots are functional, presenting you an opportunity to develop a relationship with your new pottery as you interact with them, be it drinking your coffee or eating dinner off them. They have texture for your tactile pleasure due to the play of sections left unglazed vs glazed and then smooth vs carved.

My pots can be found at Bellingham Handmade, Good Earth Pottery, and you can contact me directly at

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