my name is Amy, and the name Goldstatus has been with me a long time. I love gold. I love shine. I love light. I also love this land - the unceded ancestral and current land of the Coast Salish People. I grew up in Southeast Alaska, and have lived--off and on--in Bellingham, Washington for about 15 years. I have always been drawn to plants, drawn to the cycles of bursting forth and drawing down, hoping to learn the intricacies of why and how. And now, after much learning, and the realization that I must KEEP learning  and continue walking around and around, seeing how this green brightens and that catkin tumbles and those branches reach like bones into the sky- after all this and more - I know that right now I want to share this healing wonder with others. I want to make plants accessible to many folx. I am dedicated to sustainable harvesting practices, to growing endangered plants, and to making these products with love and hope and as much recyclable/reusable packaging as possible. I believe that living should involve the land around us, and that knowing plants helps us to know that inner quiet that makes all life better. Thank you for your time.

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